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Brutal Honesty
Anything you've even dreamed about is possible to realise just at the moment when you decided to win.
Marketing Trends
The hottest marketing trend of 2018:

With all the hoopla around the recent Facebook "scandal", I expect to see a massive shift to this marketing trend. The beauty is, it's something everybody can take advantage of. You don't even have to own a business to take advantage of it!

If you follow it, you'll see more customer loyalty, increased revenue, and a growing separation between yourself and all the businesses that don't follow it.

So what is it? What's this hot new trend?

It's nothing more than brutal honesty!

Be truthful about your products, what they do, and especially what they can't. It's hard for a consumer not to trust you when you're the first one to point out your flaws! When you admit your flaws, consumers know you're being honest, and will reward you for it in the way of higher sales and more word of mouth marketing.
7. Honesty

Brutal honesty is a current trend that has been gaining steam, and we should all expect it to continue in 2018. Marketers can take advantage by clearly stating what their products and services are good at and where they need improvement. These statements can be backed up by objective customer reviews. This honesty translates to brand integrity, leading to trust and sales. -Pat Scheckel, Singlewire Software